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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Day With Paxton

 One thing that has made life much more fun and less sad this last month has been the grandkids! Through all that has happened the last several months actually, the one constant is that a hug from either of them can make me smile in the hardest times. Not only can they make me smile, but out and out laughter and fun ensue when they are around.

After the funeral Friday, Willie, Dad and I brought those two little rays of sunshine home with us for the weekend. The perfect gift.

Saturday, Willie took Kahlen to a family reunion in Des Moines. Dad wasn't up for another long car ride so he, Paxton and I all stayed home. I haven't really ever had a just Paxton day. It was marvelous. We got to have time like we never had before. I love Kahlen more than I could ever describe, but having time with just Paxton was a new and welcome experience.

Paxton is probably about the happiest baby in the world. He entertains himself well when necessary. He laughs and giggles easily. He loves to explore and discover. He is the easiest baby EVER!

 Left to his own devices, he will find fun and interesting things to do. He took my dad's walker for.... a walk. Paxton snuck it away from my dad while he was sitting in his chair. Before we knew it he was walking in circles around the front room. He giggled and laughed the whole way. We had to laugh right along with him. Dad's walker wasn't safe for the rest of the weekend.

Later, he wandered out to the kitchen. I was sitting on the couch. Suddenly, I noticed the trash can moving. It starts moving out from underneath the counter. Then little hands poke out, holding tight to the closed lid. He came out from under the counter, walking behind the trash can, pushing it along, his own little walker. He was very proud of himself, tickled pink with his accomplishment. The little tunnel under our counter had to be traveled more than once that day.

Paxton and Bazinga have a happy coexistence. They play, Paxton laughs. Paxton pulls Bazinga's hair, and laughs. (Bazinga doesn't find that quite as amusing as Paxton does, but he behaves very well about it all.) Bazinga, who has quite a thing about ears, licks Paxton's and Paxton laughs some more. I'm pretty sure that they are conspiring that once Paxton is walking, that they will rule the world. Pretty sure? Heck I know they are. I'm sure their first conspiracy will likely involve Paxton climbing up on to the counter to steal a cookie or two for them to share. The next? Will probably involve the cat. A torture of some sort, likely. (Though, I'm sure their idea of torture will involve only licks and possible a lot of slobber.) Mia will have quite the battles in her future.

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