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Friday, October 4, 2013

And He's At It Again

Bazinga has been acting a little bazaar the last couple of days. He has gotten it into his head that he needs to invade Mia's space. I don't know if he's jealous, Dad was yelling at him a lot yesterday. Dad doesn't usually do that. I don't know if he wants attention, and if he can't get it from me he will get it from Mia. I really don't know.
He was back in her favorite spot in front of the window today. 

He was hanging out with her on the stairs. He never does that. 

He normally spends all of his time right by my side. No matter what I'm doing. 

He has been spending a lot of time upstairs. Again, something he just doesn't do. I decided to try to sneak up stairs and find out why. He was under the bed, again with Mia. I have NEVER seen him there. 

I'm really confused. Not as confused as Mia, though. I wonder if it has anything to do with the storm system thats heading this way? 

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