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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day At the Pumpkin Patch

 Last Sunday, I went to the pumpkin patch in Grinnell with my grand kids. Their parents, except Josh, he had to work.

My sister came to stay with my dad for the day. Which meant I could go and have this time with them. I am very grateful that my sister is willing to help out.

Since there are thirty-six pictures on this post, I will let them tell the story. I might comment on a picture now and then though.

Mommy and Daughter

Mommy and son

They had a magician. He let the kids pet his dove
after his show. 

This was probably the best kiddie tractor ride I've seen.
It didn't just go in circles.
Kahlen loved it!

Noah's first trip to the pumpkin patch

Mommy and son

Scrubbing her pumpkin

Daddy and daughter

A tongue sticking out is very necessary
for walking

Mommy and son 

The corn crib

The goats like Noah better than Noah liked the goats

Paxton's favorite part

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