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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Project

 Since my dad moved in and I had to quit my job to care for him I have had a conundrum. Lots and lots of time on my hands, but very limited funds, and limited freedom to do what I want. There isn't much I can do about the freedom to do what I want. Filling time, and maybe making a little money in the process, those I may have a solution for. Well, filling time anyway. Making money, we will just have to wait and see.

Money has been so tight. When I quit my job, Willie and I lost a third of our income. It has been hard. Dad helps, but I don't feel right asking him for money, not really. Willie and I have been on our own for over 30 years. Asking Dad for money, it just really rubs me the wrong way.

Asking Dad for money so I can buy birthday and Christmas presents.... Not going to happen.

I had to think of some way to make some money for Christmas. People around here really enjoyed the windows I painted when I still worked at Star Drug. I loved doing them, I got a lot of compliments.

I knew I had some reclaimed barn wood that my friend Dawn had given me. I had cleaned it up, and sanded it down, and then forgot about it for the last year and a half.

I decided to go down stairs and dig it out and paint on it. Star Drug has an area where local crafters can sell their wares. There is everything from crocheted blankets, to jewelry to homemade swifter pads. We have some very talented local crafters. Especially, the crocheters. There are always beautiful things for sale in the "Iowan's Creative Corner." That is where I plan to try to sell my stuff. They keep 10%, I think that's fair, they also collect the sales tax, so I don't have to worry about that.

Given the time of year, and given that this little community I live in is very Lutheran, I decided Christmas would be the subject. I only had six pieces of barn wood, I had to make them things that would sell. Let's face it, Christmas sells. And, well, I want them to sell quickly enough that I have Christmas money. If they sell. I hope they sell. If they don't, at least I'll have some new Christmas decorations.

So, I painted. When I was done painting, I sprayed them with a clear coat to protect them. The hardest part was putting the stupid hardware on them for hanging. That didn't go well at all. You would think as old as the wood is you could screw a nail right in. Yeah..... THAT didn't happen. I was afraid to use the drill. I didn't want it to split the wood. I tried putting the screws in by hand. I tried some more. I kept trying.

I finally went and got the drill. I put the screw on the drill tip. Put the tip to the wood. turned on the drill. It wound and wound and wound, and got nowhere. Really?!?
I gave up. I tried using hangers that had nails instead of screws. I laid out a blanket on the floor. I put one of them face down on the blanket. I grabbed the hammer and the nail. I pounded the nail. It's at this point I would love to say I pounded the nail in. I would really love to say that. I can't say that.
This one is going to have reclaimed knobs in it for hanging
I pounded some more. This wood was as hard as cement. The nail finally started going in. It wanted to go crooked. I tried to straighten it out. It still went crooked. I pounded and pounded. The stupid piece of poo would NOT go in! I decided maybe it was because of the knot in the wood. I moved the hanger thingy, and tried again. The nail went in. Not straight, but in. I went to pound the other nail in. I carefully made sure the hanger thingy was straight. I tapped carefully. I tried very hard to make sure the nail stayed straight. I did not succeed. Not only did the nail not go in straight, somehow the hanger thingy ended up crooked, too. Arrrgggh!

My inner McCoy escaped and said,  "I'm an artist, Jim, not a carpenter." (I decided I can call myself an artist now. I have actually been paid for my work, once.) I did, finally get the hardware on two of them. Three of them weren't ready for hardware. The sixth one, I decided to put a black ribbon through the big knot hole. It looked good, and no pounding or drilling needed.

I took the three over to Star Drug. Sylvia and Ilah both loved them. Hopefully I can get the other three there in a day or two. I hope they sell.

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  1. These are wonderful. I love the snowman. Have you sold it? If not, give me a call or text. Kathy T