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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Sandbox Dilema as told by Kahlen

 Mama, Dada, Auntie Valerie and I, all went on a big bye bye to go see Nahma and Grampa a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited. I hadn't seen Nahma and Grampa in a long time. I like to go to their house, I also get to see Kitty and Puppy. I love Kitty and Puppy, especially Puppy. Puppy plays with me and lets me hug him and hold him. Kitty hides in a box most of the time. Sometimes Nahma will drag her out, and I will get to pet her, but then she runs away.

I like to play outside at Nahma and Grampa's. We play bubbles and um, puppy and um, play in water, and um pick tomatoes. It is a lot of fun.

There is this thing outside though that they seem to think I should like playing in. They call it a sandbox. I call it an evil ancient torture device. It has this stuff in it. They call it sand, I call it the pit of doom! They want me to sit in it, and touch it! What is wrong with these people? Do they take delight in seeing me suffer?

The first time they put me in the pit of doom I didn't have any shoes on to protect my feet! They put me in anyway! It was OWIE! Nahma and Auntie Valerie put their feet in without shoes too! Obviously, their feet are made from asbestos. I should call the environmental  protection agency on them, that'd show'em.

For whatever reason, Mama and Dada did not try to save me from this torture. Not even when Auntie Valerie started pouring the evil substance on my legs! OWIE! I yelled in vain. How could I ever make them understand!

But wait, this stuff is kind of interesting. It pours kind of like water, yet isn't wet. I can scoop it with the toys, and put it in the truck Nahma and Grampa got me. Oh, and I can drive the truck through this stuff. Hey, maybe this could be fun. As long as I have my shoes on and don't have to actually sit in it.

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