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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kahlen, Bubbles, Side Walk Chalk and Swimming Pools

We recently got to have Kahlen here with us for a week and a half. As you know well, I enjoy having her here more than anything else! Getting to wake up to her giggles, and snuggle with her at nite nite, is the best way to start and end each day. And the stuff in between, well, that's the frosting!

Most of the time she was here it was HOT! Illinois, like most of the rest of the country has been in a super dome of heat and humidity. Otherwise known as summer hell. I try not to swear on my blog, but there is no other way to describe what the weather has been putting us through. But..... there is no such thing as climate change...... whatever, that's another blog, though.

With the weather uncooperative, we were not able to do some of the out door things I would have liked to do. Taking a stroller ride down to the park was out of the question. The slides and swings probably would have been to hot to play on anyway.  This meant creative activities would be the norm.

Not that we didn't get out at all. We went out in the early mornings. I found that there is one activity that will keep Kahlen occupied for hours. BUBBLES!  Kahlen loves bubbles! Every morning two words came out of her mouth as soon as her eyes opened. First, "Grampa?" No, Grampa is at work, I'd tell her. Second, "Bubbles?" Every morning, right after breakfast, changing clothes and brushing teeth, it was time for bubbles.

Little Miss Kahlen can entertain herself with a jar of dish soap and a plastic wand until she passes out from oxygen deprivation. If we were outside, she had bubbles in hand. I honestly don't know how she didn't pass out. She had me blowing them too, and I got a little light headed.

There were a few times that she would put the bubbles down. It was rare, and soon she was back at them. In between, though, she did find time for sidewalk chalk. She went about it in a way that made it look like she was marking her territory. She would draw something, carefully peruse the patio, and choose another spot. She would draw something there and then map out where her next masterpiece would be. It was all very meticulous and precise.

In the mornings, while she was busy with her bubbles, I would fill the swimming pool. It would have time to warm up all day in the scalding heat of the day and be ready to play in by the late afternoon.

Kahlen was not sure what to make of it. The first day, we had two other kids over. They were a little older and, of course, took right to the pool. They played and splashed and had a good time. I put Kahlen in, she stood there like she had never been in water before. She didn't cry, but she didn't move. Her feet stayed in one place for an hour. She played with her bubbles and watched the others play, but she never moved her feet. She didn't sit, she never put her hands in the water.

After the other two kids went home for the day, Kahlen and I went back out to the pool. I put her in, again she just stood there. I took her bubbles and threw them on the other side of the pool. She looked at me, and looked at the bubbles. "Bubbles?" she asked with the sweetest face and voice. I told her if she wanted them she had to get them. The magic of the bubbles got her to move! She walked very carefully over to the bubbles and picked them up. I was so proud of her. Now, if I could just get her to sit down. I decided that was going to take force rather than delicate encouragement. She walked over by me, poor innocent soul. She, wanted me to blow bubbles. I wanted her to sit in the water. I splashed her a little, her response? "NO!" I knew what this meant. I knew what had to be done. I picked her up, and sat her in the water. She was NOT happy! There were tears, her heart was broken. Until..... she figured out she could splash with her legs. All was good!

The rest of the evening was spent blowing bubbles in the pool and watching them dance on the water before they popped. Pouring water from one cup to another. Pouring water on "Nahma's" legs. Chasing puppy around in the pool and having a very fun time all around.

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