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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kahlen!!!

 Kahlen is TWO! TWO!!! Can you believe it? Our little "Punky Brewster" has changed from the baby born two years ago. The little helpless, screaming, pooping blob all swaddled so carefully in a receiving blanket is gone. She changed swiftly into a crawling baby getting into what ever she could find and chasing kitty whenever kitty made the mistake of getting in her way.
Soon she was cruising the furniture and then wobbly walking around the living room. The baby, changed into a toddler and is now becoming a little girl! Time has flown by and not likely to slow down anytime soon.
 Her birthday party was a lot of fun! It was at her Grammy's house. (Thank you, Anita) Lots of people were there. Kahlen spent a lot of time running from person to person greeting and hugging. There were a lot of kids there for her to play with, which kept her very busy. She had presents and cupcakes and all of the rest of the birthday essentials.

Puppies were invited to the party as well. We brought Bazinga along. He got to play with Anita's dog, Bubba for a while.  Bubba was about 10,000 times bigger than Bazinga, yet Bazinga seemed to think he could take him down. Bubba seemed fine with it and quickly taught Bazinga a few manners and they got along fine after.

The day went much too quickly. How come the fun days always do? Kahlen was getting tired and needed a nap, people started leaving, the day was a success. Kahlen was a happy two year old. She had been the center of attention as it always should be in Kahlen world, life was good.  

One year ago
 Can you believe how she's changed?!?
Two years ago

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