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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Under Stimulated Brain

I was wondering today, why does sausage thaw faster than hamburger? Is it the higher fat content? Is there more water in sausage? What is it about sausage that it that it defrosts faster? Does it make a difference if it is pork or turkey sausage? Sausage tastes better than hamburger. You would think that it would, for that reason, thaw slower, in an attempt to not get eaten. This particular sausage is Italian sausage and  fated to become meatloaf with the hamburger.

So, that is but one strange question that has entered my under stimulated brain cells today. Since getting my iPhone I find myself googling things more and more. It is just so handy. Is Redd Foxx still alive? Google. How old is John Cusack? Google. What is Jeremiah Weed? Google. Why does my spell check not like "Foxx"with two X's but "Redd" with two D's is ok? And why doesn't it like "ok"? You know the important questions in life. Oh, and why did I use a picture of a flower for this post? Well, you won't find the answer for that on google. I just thought it was pretty and the grass hopper is cute.

I said my brain was under stimulated, you were warned.

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