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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Weekend

 The weekend before last was a great one. Why was it so great? What made it so special? Valerie, Alyssa, Shane, and Kahlen came to visit. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Josh and Caitlin had been able to make it, too. It had been two months since I had seen any of them. I was so happy to see them pull up!

Kahlen had changed so much since the last time I had seen her. She has so many words now. She can tell you exactly what she wants, and you can understand her! She has gotten so tall. I have a spot in the kitchen where I measure her. It is where the family that lived here before us had theirs. I decided to leave theirs and add Kahlen to it. Kind of a little history of the house. Since we moved in here in November, Kahlen has grown 3 inches. Amazing!

The weekend was spent going to favorite restaurants, talking wedding and spending time together. We went to Heron Park one afternoon. Kahlen got to see swans and listen to bullfrogs. There are many, many bullfrogs to be heard there. She saw big carp plowing their way through the algae in the water. But I think her favorite part was riding on Daddy's shoulders and bossing everyone around.

My favorite part was just having all of us together. It is what I miss most being so far away. I even miss my kids arguing and yelling at each other, well, a little anyway. Maybe for my birthday I'll ask Alyssa to get mad at Josh and throw something at him...... Nah.
Of course the weekend went much too fast. It just feels a little more like home when the house is full. Knowing the rooms aren't empty. Having laughter fill the air. Saying goodbye is always so hard!

The one consolation was that Kahlen was staying with us for a week and a half. I know how hard it is on Alyssa and Shane when she is here with us, but I am so very, very grateful that they let us have her now and again. She just brings a sparkle and energy to the house. Days with Kahlen are always an adventure!

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