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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!!

 A parade went down my street this morning. I forgot to take any pictures. It was full of firetrucks and old cars and kids on four wheelers. There was candy thrown and kids with bags to catch it. People stood for the flag and watched kids do tricks on bikes. It was a typical small town 4th of July parade celebrating the birth of our country. It was fun to watch and made me glad to live in a small town that takes pride in our country.

I spent a little time in the garden this morning before the parade. I'm still trying to figure out what these strange bird looking flowers are. The point their "beaks" at the sun. They almost look graceful in the evening as they all point toward the garage.

It seems there are seeds inside the little white pouches. They are starting to split open. It has taken quite a while to get to this stage. I just wish I knew what they are.

I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of the first tomatoes. I can't wait for my first bacon and tomato sandwich, or tomato and cucumber sandwich, or tomato and tomato sandwich, YUM! I am very impatient this year. While I don't want summer to be over, I definitely want to devour some red ripe tomatoes.

 These little guys are just not growing fast enough. Perhaps they know their future. Perhaps they are aware that they will soon be on a sandwich, or salad, or just sliced on a plate with a little salt, (Shhhh, don't tell my cardiologist.)

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I'll have to get some fresh mozzarella cheese, and pick some basil from the garden, and slice the tomatoes. I can't spell the word for the kind of salad that is. I can't even come close enough for spell check to be able to figure it out. My mouth doesn't care though. It still tastes good!
 Of course the one thing that is growing very quickly is the pumpkin patch. Here are this weeks pictures. We should have plenty of pumpkins for the wedding.

Have a great 4th!


  1. I love your bird like flower, what a unique shape the white flower (?) has!

    The pumpkin looks gorgeous too, love how you trellis its leaves and vines.

    Beautiful garden overall.

  2. Thanks, I wish I could find out what the bird flower is. It fascinates me. And the pumpkin, is not staying on it's trellis, it is creeping its way to wherever it wants to go! but as long as it gives us lots of pumpkins for the wedding, I'm good with that.