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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Weekend With Kahlen

Willie and I got to have Kahlen for the weekend. Alyssa and Shane were moving into a new apartment so I offered to come get her and bring her back here for the weekend. I figured moving would be easier without a curious toddler on the loose.

Kahlen has become quite a good little traveler. I make sure she has a box full of toys sitting next to her and that my computer is fully charged so she can watch movies. She sleeps a couple of hours and pretty much entertains herself the rest of the way.

When we stop for a meal she spends much of it chatting it up with the locals. Meals would go much quicker if she was more of a chow hound then a social butterfly, but after being cooped up in a car for hours, she deserves a little social time. Her favorite movie to watch on the road is Planet 51. She enjoys jamming to the oldies. It is so much fun to peak back at her "dancing" in her car seat.

She seems to have taken well to the new house. She enjoys playing with Bazinga, and still enjoys a good tussle with Mia our cat. Mia does not enjoy it quite as much. She and Bazinga get a long very well. He sits under her table as she eats waiting for what ever she drops. He's our very own eco friendly dust buster.

She has found her favorite cabinet and I kept finding her milk cups in it. It's like playing Where's Waldo trying to find what she had done with her cups. She also enjoyed putting her toys and clothes and anything else she thought appropriate in the cupboard. It was also fun to play peak a boo around the door.

One challenge of having a puppy and a toddler in the same house was potty time. When Bazinga needed to go out I had to get Kahlen all bundled up to go out, too. We don't have a fence yet, so we have to walk Bazinga out to the back of the yard to do his stuff. When Willie was at work, Kahlen had to go, too. Kahlen did not like wearing her own hat and gloves. It was too cold to go without. As you can see we had to get a little creative. Grandpa's Iowa hat and Gramma's mittens seemed to be the right combo to keep her happy. She had a lot of fun walking around in circles all over the yard.

Diaper changing time is a new adventure with a puppy in the house. Bazinga seems to have the same affinity for toddler poop as he does for rabbit poop. Yeah, that was unpleasant. Got the diaper away quick enough though that a true crisis was averted. I learned very quickly not to leave the diapers on the floor while I finished dressing Kahlen.

I took her back home yesterday. I think Willie was very sad to see her go. He's a bit homesick and misses her a lot when she is gone.

It is so fun to see her reunited with her mommy. She gets so silly. Alyssa is always giddy to have her back again. It warms my heart to see them together. We went to Perkins for dinner and Kahlen was giggling at everything. Alyssa was tossing a napkin in Kahlen's face, which must have been the funniest thing she had ever seen in her life! Alyssa and I laughed so hard our sides were splitting.

Then it was time to leave. I miss her.

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