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Monday, January 17, 2011


This is grout. When mixed properly it is easy to use and kind of fun to smear around. When not mixed properly it is a nightmare! Last night Willie and I went to grout our tile. We thought that following the package directions was a good thing to do. Not that the package directions were very helpful. Instead of being written out, it was in pictures. The pictures did not tell you how thick or runny the grout was supposed to be. It gave a website to go to for more specific directions, but the website wasn't a whole lot better. I guess they just assumed that people who buy their product already know how to use it. They are stupid! Willie and I mixed the grout with stuff called grout boost. Grout boost is supposed to help the grout from getting stained. One bottle of grout boost plus one 10 pound bag of grout was supposed to make usable grout. We didn't know what consistency the grout was supposed to be, but it was very thick, much like clay. We worked and worked and worked with it. We only got part of the shower done. We needed more. We were exhausted. Willie was dirty, and not happy about it.

The tub was a mess, Willie was not happy about that either. We used a colored grout, it stained the tub. It stained the tub bad. But we had to get the Tiles cleaned off before we could worry about the tub. Cleaning the tile was hard work but we got it done. Only, it left a film on the tiles. Now it was my turn to freak out. All I could thing was I did all this work to have the tile ruined when we grout it! I was ready to cry! Then I got out my handy dandy book I bought and found out it was ok. I just have to buff it off when the grout is dry. I felt much better!

This morning Willie went and bought more grout making stuff. We mixed it thinner this time. I finished grouting this morning. It went much better. No tears, no dirty husband.

Here is how it looks.

And here is the aftermath. I don't feel like cleaning yet.
This time tomorrow, SHOWER TIME!!!!!!!!! We have a 90 gallon hot water tank, oh yeah!

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