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Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Progress

Willie has been hard at work in our bathroom. We got a great deal on a vanity set. It was a customer return, that was a special order. It was lose the entire cost of it or sell it cheap, we got it cheap! Not exactly what I had envisioned but very nice. The countertop and sink are all one piece, MUCH easier to clean, and it is marble. It is growing on me every day. We decided to go with antique bronze fixtures. It isn't in permanently yet, but it is hooked up. No more washing our hands from a nose. (see older post if that makes you say hmmmmmm?)Willie has been tearing down our old ugly walls and getting Hardie backer up in the shower. Hardie backer, as I understand it, is sheets of cement. I guess it is cement that has been formed and hardened on a mesh screen. It can be cut and pieced together like drywall, but is much more durable and mold and mildew resistant, perfect for a shower. I think he needed special tools to cut it, though. For the rest of the bathroom we will be using green board. It is easier to work with then the hardy backer but more mildew and mold resistant than drywall.
He has also been getting the plumbing installed for the shower. That has been an adventure. One of the older plumbers that works for Lowes had him all fixed up. Had everything Willie needed to get the project done. But Willie had the measurements a little off and had to go back to exchange things. When he went back, a younger person in plumbing talked him into trying something else. "It would be a lot easier." Was what he was told. So, he came home, it all worked well in the dry fit. He put it all together, started the water and leaks everywhere. He tried several different products to stop the leaks, nothing worked. Oh, and did I mention that while he was working on this, the water had to be off, for the whole house! Our tub doesn't have its own shut off valve, so yeah... Anyway, nothing is working. Another trip to Lowes to get a different product. Still didn't work. Willie is getting very frustrated and I really have to go to the bathroom. (Yeah, stupid us, we lived thru the flood of '93, but yet, didn't think to fill up buckets of water to flush toilets with, ah, live and RE-learn.) Ended up back at Lowes again, I went with him that time so I could relieve some issues building up, and another plumbing expert fixed him up, with the same stuff he had been fixed up with in the first place, the stuff the older plumber suggested. Guess what, it worked perfect. We have plumbing for our SHOWER!!!! Moral of the story, go with the old guy, they get to be old for a reason!
Now that we have the plumbing and the walls it is my turn. Soon these bare cement board walls will be covered with stone tile. Well that's the plan anyway. My friend Dawn says it is fairly easy. I just hope she is right. I'll let you know.......

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