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Friday, January 14, 2011

All Ten Fingers Present and Accounted For

Cutting tiles with a wet saw is a very messy, very long process!
Here you see the wet saw. While it is true that without it I would not have gotten the tiles cut, it is NOT my friend. The wet saw is a very demanding mistress. You must do things its way or it will shut down on you. It will only cut straight lines, if you veer off of a straight line it will stop cold. Speaking of cold, it spits water at you the whole time you are using it. I chose to sit on the bathroom floor to use it. Where it spit the water left me with a rather embarrassing spot on my pants. I could have also entered a wet tee shirt contest, or mud wrestling for that matter. I was a mess. Perhaps I should have also worn a long sleeved shirt. I ended up with a rash on my arms. It seems to have gone away though.

It took all day to cut most of the tiles I needed. Willie is going to drill holes in two of them where the plumbing needs to come thru. I was pretty proud of myself for getting most of the tiles cut. I was just not happy that it took most of the day to do it. Cutting tile was all I got done that day and I still have more to go. We also seem to be having issues figuring out how to cut the tile to go around the plumbing. Willie is working on that right now. Hopefully it works.

This is my final mess of cut tiles and leftovers. It does not look near as impressive as it felt when I finally got it done. I was achey, sore, red and my legs were dead asleep.

But, I was DONE. My hair was caked with tile goo, my face covered in wet saw splatters and the goggles, well, they are just stylish beyond compare. I think I'll go to my kids' weddings looking just this way.

Now to get the darn things up on the walls. Hopefully, I measured right and they all fit.

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