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Saturday, May 29, 2010


As you may have read in an earlier blog, my friend Dawn is working hard to build a Children's Living History farm in the St. Louis area. She has a grant proposal in the Pepsi refresh everything project that needs your votes! Why am I so excited about this? It is good for kids, it is good for farmers, which in turn makes it good for Iowa too. Yes, the farm is in the St. Louis area, but teaching people about agriculture anywhere is good for farmers. We all know that what is good for farmers is good for Iowa. Farming is the core of our economy. When farms have a hard time, Iowa has a hard time. When farms prosper, Iowa prospers. Teaching children that their food is a product of hard work and devotion of farm families everywhere can only be good for Iowa and ALL Iowans. If you sell groceries in Iowa thank a farmer for growing them and then thank him again when he comes and buys them from you. If you run a restaurant in in Iowa, thank a farmer for growing the food and then thank him again for coming to eat the at your place of business. Do you wear or sell clothes? Do you work at a tire store, a video store, a book store? Well, if a farmer is prospering, he's going to come visit you, too. It is the same everywhere, not just Iowa. Wall street may think they are the kings of the economy, but without the farmer they would have nothing to buy and trade.

Children everywhere need to understand how important farming is to our country. We understand that in Iowa, but even we don't stop to think about it much. We take it for granted that the food will be in the grocery store when we want it. We know that the white cotton undies, that are so comfy, but that we will never admit to wearing, will be at Target when we want to buy them. Let's help children, who may only drive past a farm once in a blue moon, get the chance to play on a farm. While playing they will learn more about their food. Maybe if they plant some veggies they will eat some veggies.

I am so glad that I will get to take Kahlen to our Living History Farms. That's why I'd love to see children in Missouri have the same experience!


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