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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Kahlen started crawling on Thursday! It isn't quite the normal crawl. It is half way between a normal crawl and the "Mowgli crawl." You remember Mowgli, from the Jungle Book. If you think a minute about the Disney version, Mowgli got around by "walking" on his hands and feet. Well, Kahlen crawls with one leg straight and one leg bent. It is so unique and so cute. Luckily, it also slows her down a bit, for now anyway. I'm sure that at some point soon she will either bend the one leg or straighten the other and the race will be on!

She also started pulling her self to a stand the same day. She was very proud of this accomplishment. She also figured out that she can cruise around a little bit. She was quite busy that day. It was very exhausting for her. She is growing so fast. Everyday she learns something new. You can see the little wheels turn in her mind as she discovers a new flower or practices a new sound. She is starting to make connections. Seeing how one thing relates to another.

She has learned that when someone puts her hat on her that she gets to go outside or bye bye. Her eyes brighten up and she smiles. She doesn't even try to pull it off any more. She loves being outside, and loves going bye bye, She has put that connection together.

We had a busy day today. We had lunch with Grandpa. Then visited Great Grandpa Bob and saw Uncle Ben, too. Then off to the store where she got to see Mama for a few minutes. We planted flowers and herbs in the back yard. She enjoys being busy.

It amazes me everyday just how much better this little tiny girl makes my life. Not to say she isn't a challenge at times. She was very whiny and inconsolable tonight. I think I may have gotten her a little over tired. I just wouldn't trade a minute of it though. Not even the screaming. She is healthy and happy, who could ask for more.

I had a friend ask me the other day if you have that instant bond with a grandchild like you do when you have your own children. I told her yes, most definitely. I was thinking about it some more today. I think as a grandmother, instead of a mother, it came even a little more quickly, or maybe just more easily. As Gramma, you don't have all the physical and emotional strain that comes with having a baby. No hormones raging through your system. No fear of the future that just changed drastically. No doubts, no worries. A Gramma just gets to enjoy the moment. Soak it in. We get to swim in it without the fear of drowning. Being Gramma, is plain old good!

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