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Friday, May 28, 2010

Full Moon

So, the crazies have been out and about. People never believe me when I say that the full moon brings out the crazies. They laugh under their breath and think I am the one who might be a little crazy. I find that the older I get the more I really believe things like full moons bring out the strangeness in people, or if you say the wrong thing that it will jinx you. For instance, when it is slow at work, you do not say it out loud. The second some one says the word "slow" you get slammed. It happens every single time. Some would say it is only a self fulfilling prophecy. That you think it is going to happen, so then you perceive that it has. That just doesn't wash with me. When someone at work uses the dreaded "s" word and then we get slammed, (also a dreaded "s" word) I'm not "perceiving" it, I am living it. My superstition doesn't bring all those people in to the store, but every time some one says the word "slow" they come.

This all leads me to believe unequivocally that I am correct about the effects of the full moon on how people behave. I have had many different kinds of jobs, and in all of them, when there is a full moon, I have suffered! (New moons also have an effect, not quite as pronounced, but the effect is still there.) The last few days at work have been awful. People have been rude, they have been obnoxious and demanding. Wednesday was particularly stressful. We had one woman come thru our drive thru, who first of all would not speak up. It is very hard to hear at our drive thru in normal circumstances. Cars are loud, people don't turn off their radios, random street noises echo into our ears. I asked this woman to please speak up. She huffed at me, spoke up for about two words, and then went on and on in a hushed tone that I could not hear again. I apologized and again asked her to speak up. She got mad, yelled at me for a couple of words and then went on and on again in a hushed tone. She seemed truly desperate to tell me something, but I could not hear her. The more I apologized and asked her to speak up the madder she got. I finally gave up trying to hear her. Apologized again and told her I would get a pharmacist. This also made her angry. One of the pharmacists came and tried to talk to her. She did the same thing to him. Turns out that what she wanted was for us to get her a free gator aid. She was hot and sweaty and could not afford to buy one for herself. She ended up yelling and screaming at the pharmacist. He told her if she was that worried she should go see her doctor and walked away.

She was just one example of the joyful people we had to deal with that day. At one point I heard one of the pharmacists asking if there was a full moon. It got me wondering as well. I asked another pharmacist later, after another incident, if she knew if there was a full moon. She didn't know either. I got home that night, finally, completely exhausted. Went up stairs. Crawled into bed and rolled over to cuddle with Willie. There it was, shining as bright as can be. One great big full moon. Yeah, I know what I'm talking about.

Children and crazy people seem to be the most effected by the full moon. Children get unsettled and restless. Ask any school bus driver. They don't need a calander to tell you when there is a full moon. They just know. The younger the child the more restless they are. New parents and their babies have it rough during a full moon. Kahlen and her mom and dad have had a couple of rough nights this week. Is it because of the full moon? Maybe not, but I think it is. Laugh all you want, but the next time your child is particularly difficult, or you have an unusual number of people being rude to you at work, check out the moon that night. Do it often enough, and you too, will believe.

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