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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Growth Spurts

When my kids were babies, I was pretty much a stay at home mom. I was with them every day. Watched them do most every thing. The one thing I don't remember, is the growth spurts. I mean I remember them growing. What I don't remember is putting them to bed one night and then the next morning them looking noticeably bigger. I knew when the growth spurts were. They never slept very well and they were extra hungry. I knew their clothes were getting smaller. But I don't remember waking them up and "seeing" the growth.

Kahlen is going through a growth spurt. It is amazing, because every morning the last few mornings she has LOOKED bigger. Her arms are longer, her legs are longer. She is taller. It is physically noticeable. Yesterday, she was particularly fussy. Nothing made her happy. She didn't nap well and I was about at my wits end. I decided to put her in her car seat and we went for a nice long drive. She slept the whole time. We got back home and I went to get her out of her car seat. I swear she was bigger then when I put her in. It is absolutely amazing. Poor Alyssa hasn't had a decent nights sleep all week.

Is it because I am a gramma that I see it in Kahlen when I didn't in my own kids? Is it because new parents feel so overwhelmed that we just don't have the time to see it? I see Kahlen everyday, just like I did Valerie, Josh and Alyssa. I have thought before that I didn't "see" the spurts because when you see someone everyday you don't really notice changes. Like when a person is losing weight. When you see them everyday, it doesn't really click. You go with out seeing the same person for a month, you take note.

I see it in Kahlen though, it is hard not to. Maybe her growth spurts are just more pronounced then what my kids went through. I only know I am just in awe. It is no wonder she is cranky and hungry. I'm so thankful she is a healthy happy baby, that gets to be cranky because she is growing.

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