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Friday, May 7, 2010

Stupid van

Alyssa, Kahlen and I all went to have lunch with Grandpa this afternoon. When we got to his work, Alyssa said she should probably jump into the back seat so that Grandpa could have the front seat. I told her, nah, don't worry about it, he will want to sit back with Kahlen anyway. The reason I know this, is one time Grandpa and I had Kahlen out and about. We stopped at Casey's and I ran in to grab something to drink. When I came back out, there he was, in the back seat with her, grinning his proudest grandpa grin. "She said she wanted me to sit with her."

Anyway, he comes out to the car and heads straight to the back seat. Kahlen, who had magically awoken, started giggling as Grandpa started playing with her.

We drove down the street to the restaurant and Grandpa proudly pulls her out of her carseat and walks in, beaming all the way. He goes to this restaurant very often for lunch so they know him there. Everyone, gushes appropriately and he puffs up even more with pride. I love taking Kahlen to go see him at work. It always brightens his day. He takes her around to show her to everyone. He is so in love with his little granddaughter and he just glows when he gets to show her off. I think it helps to see that little two tooth grin on a stressful day at work.

As we are driving back from dropping Grandpa off at work (and a little side trip to Babies r Us, my narcotic), Alyssa and I hear this thump thump thump thump from the front of the van. The stupid belt fell apart and flew off the van. Now, this van has had many, many issues with belts. When it rains too hard, it falls off. When I go through a deep puddle, it falls off. One time I was washing the car and went into a panic when I watched all the water running down my windshield, and into the motor. I almost rammed my way out of the car wash. I hadn't stopped to think before hand that it might make the belt fall off. I just knew I had a dirty car. Well, luckily that time, all was well. This time though, not so much. When the piece of crap comes off, the power steering goes out, I have to turn everything off so the battery won't run down before I get home, I hate this van. I used to be pretty strong and driving without power steering was no big deal. Now, well.... it really angers me.

We got home ok. We were close enough that the battery lasted. However, now I had to call Grandpa and tell him. He has been under so much stress, this was the last thing I wanted to do. I really did not want to add to his stress level. But, I have to have my van for work so, I made the call. I dialed his cell phone, got voice mail. Considered for about a second just leaving a message, at least I wouldn't have to hear the cussing. Thought better though, and called his work number. Got him on the line, took a deep breath, begged him not to be mad, and told him. It went much better then expected. No cussing, he was glad that we got home fine.

Apparently, the Kahlen tonic works even better than I had ever imagined!

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