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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise!

A few weeks ago, my husband got me a new iPhone.  We ordered it from Valerie's store in Iowa. She sent it via UPS and when it arrived she had also sent along a case for it. She had sent me a picture of a couple of different ones, but I decided on one with birds. They are happy little birds and I loved the pink gel liner that came with it.

A couple of days ago Valerie sent me a text saying that my Mother's Day present was on the way. That confused me a little, because I thought the bird case was my Mother's Day gift.

Today, I took Bazinga out for a walk and stopped to check the mail. In the mail, I received a slim square box. The return address was from case-mate. I felt a conundrum brewing inside of me. I was sure, Valerie, knowing my passion for most things purple, (I'm not very fond of deep purple bruises and things such as that,) had sent me a very pretty purple case. What would I do? I really like my pink bird case. It was bright and happy and when I looked at it, it made me smile. Bazinga and I finished our walk.

We went inside and I sat on the bench to open the package. Even as I broke through the tape, I wondered how I would decide which one to use. What if I really didn't like the new case. Would I just use it when I would see her, no, I couldn't do that, it's just not me. I really, really like my bird case, though!

The package open, I saw it was the same type of case. The gel liner was facing up and it was black. Black? I looked at it and wondered what the other side looked like. With a small amount of trepidation, ( Valerie actually does very well picking out gifts for me,) I turned the case over.

 It was customized with pictures of my kids and Kahlen! It was PERFECT! I couldn't think of anything that would be any better. The bird case was pulled off and the new one put on without a second thought. Who knew you could have this done.

Very excited, Before I put it on I took a picture of it and sent a big thank you text to Valerie. Like I said, she does VERY well picking out gifts for me!


  1. I love that case! I might have to make one for my grandma!

    1. I think you can order it at