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Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying a New Craft Idea

I found some stuff at Hobby Lobby the last time I was there called Beads in A Bottle. I found the idea fascinating. I looked at them for a while and tried to think of something to use them on. I picked out a set of colors I liked, blue, mulberry, white, and of course, purple. In typical nahma fashion, I looked for something to make for Kahlen. I found a pair of pink shoes, how fun I thought. I got a pair that was bigger than what she wears now, these will be a birthday present, I decided. 
I got home with my new found treasures and put them aside. At the time I had a clock to finish, the shoes would wait for another day. As time went by, I started thinking maybe I should find something to experiment on before I decorate the shoes. I hadn't thought much more about it until yesterday. I was at Pamida and they had everything on sale. It has been bought out by another company, and they are getting ready for the transition. 

I started looking at baby stuff. My first thought was onesies for the new baby. The colors I have are very girl, what if baby is a boy. Then I thought, well even if the new baby was a boy, I'm bound to have another granddaughter someday. Then I looked at the price of the onesies, even at the marked down prices, they were more than I wanted to pay for an experiment that might fail. 

Then I found socks, Kahlen can always use more socks. The socks were a good price and another ten percent off. "Socks it is!" I thought to myself. 

I got home, and started experimenting with the "beads." I found them easy to use, but they did run together. I kind of likes they way some of them looked that way though. I played around with 5 of the six pairs I bought. 

The beads took a very long time to dry. I had to leave them until the next morning to find out how they would turn out. I liked the way a couple of the pairs looked. I was not happy with the way one pair looked, but was excited to see them the next morning. 

I got downstairs and went straight to the dried socks. They still looked ok. The fact that the cat didn't try to sit on them was a bonus. ( I half expected to wake up to find one or two of them stuck to her butt.)

I picked up one of my favorite ones, looked at it and felt it. It had dried very hard. Very hard and stretchy socks, didn't seem like a marriage made in Heaven. It wasn't. The "K" broke. I was disappointed, but not surprised. That was why I bought the socks, to learn how to use these "beads." The lesson I learned was to use the beads, like beads, not like paint. 

The sock I did make more like beads seems to be fine. No breaking, even when stretched. No beads popping off. Lesson learned, next up, shoes!

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