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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Toy

My  iPhone has been pretty glitchy the last few months. The memory is pretty full. My daughter, Valerie, thought I'd never use all of the memory when she talked me into buying one two years ago. HA! Little did she know, I have taken so many pictures and videos of Kahlen, the 16g, or whatever they are, got used up. It has been given me problems, not wanting to type, not wanting to turn when I turned it to read something horizontally. The glitches have come close to making me want to throw it out the window or smashing it on the cement. Not that me dropping it numerous has had anything to do with it?
 For our anniversary, Willie decided I needed a new one. He got me a 32 g one. He did have a selfish reason for wanting me to have one, he wanted one of us to have facetime on our phones. He misses Kahlen as much as I do. Only, neither of her parents have a phone with face time. Her Aunt Valerie does though. I think maybe Aunt Caitlin and Uncle Josh do as well. Hopefully, we will get to facetime with Kahlen at some point.

For now, I will have to go have fun playing with the camera. The irises have started blooming in my backyard.
 I love irises. They have such deep velvety shades with splashes of contrasting and highlighting hues. They rise so tall and proud, like they know they are the doorway to summer and the warm weather to come. I don't think there is another flower that looks so strong and so beautiful at the same time. The stalks grow stable, with the steadfastness to hold the beauty without faltering. The large blooms safe on the base of its growth. Then quickly the bloom fades, but the stalk is still there, growing stronger. Taking in the sunshine and nutrients to make it stronger, so that next year it will again blossom.

People should be more like irises. People should learn that beauty comes with growth and maturity. Outwardly beauty fails, but inward strength, grows onward. We continue to grow and live and learn because of the changes that time brings. The fact that our faces show these changes should not be feared, or make us to feel shame. The iris doesn't care that its bloom is gone, it knows there is more to come. It still stands as tall and strong as before the flower bloomed.

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