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Friday, April 23, 2010

Who Runs the House

This was a tough week. Nothing major or anything. Alyssa and I were sick. Monday, I went to work, noticed my hands were stiff and sore and not doing what I wanted them to do. This was just the beginning of several days of the worst virus I've had in seven years. As the day went on the pain spread throughout my body. And the chills, I was so cold I thought it was winter again. By the time I got back from lunch (didn't eat) I couldn't stand up for more than five to ten minutes. At that point my boss told me to go home, Bless her soul. Went to the doctor, just a virus, nothing to do but get through it. Got home, found out that the grand baby was sick too, she'd been throwing up. Mom and Dad took her to the ER. Basically the same thing, a virus.

So, I went up stairs, put on my warmest sweatpants and sweatshirt. Crawled under two warm quilts. Still freezing to death. Waited to DIE!!!! I couldn't even get out of bed without help.

The next day, still waiting to die. Kahlen, luckily was much better and back to her normal self.

Wednesday, Gramma, better but not good, not good at all. Still weak, and still not able to eat anything. Mom, now also sick and waiting to die! Dad and Grandpa were both at work. Kahlen, %100 better, ready to play with only Mommy and Gramma there to entertain her. Luckily she was a very good girl all day, and almost seemed to understand our limitations. Until bedtime, she wanted Mommy. Mommy was so weak she couldn't sit up, much less hold a squirmy eight month old. Gramma was NOT a reasonable facsimile! If Mommy is not there Gramma is fine. When Mommy is there.... absolutely not! We got through it though. I got her to sleep, some how. Then Mommy and I continued waiting to die.

Everyone is mostly better now. No one died. We couldn't get off that easy. But it did remind us who really runs the house when there is a baby living there.

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