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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day out with Kahlen

Kahlen and Great Grandpa Bob
Had wonderful day with Kahlen today. I love Thursdays they are my day to have her. We went and visited Great Grandpa Bob today. Kahlen really enjoys seeing him. She sits on his lap and stares up at him smiling and cooing. She also got to see Uncle Ben, she smiled at him, too, but not like she did Great Grandpa Bob.

I think Kahlen likes little old men. We went to Cracker Barrel today, not to eat, but to look at baby clothes. Their was a little 91 year old man there. He told us the story of how he was 9 years old when Bonnie and Clyde came through Dexter, Iowa. He saw one of the gang members, Buck, I think he said his name was, die on the street in front of him. His mother served the gang, including Bonnie and Clyde themselves four plate specials right before their infamous date with destiny. He was 9 years old when it happened and told the story like it was yesterday. Kahlen watched and listened to him as interested as I was. Like she knew every word he was saying. When he was done, She reached over to him, as I held her, and gave him a big hug. I think it it made his day.

You know at first when he started talking to me, I thought to myself "I really don't have time for this." I looked around to see if he was with anyone hoping for a rescue. Then I stopped to think of my dad. He loves to tell his stories, too. Then, I realized, you know, I really do have time for this and started to listen. I am so glad I did. He told the story so well, and to think, I met someone who actually was there when Bonnie and Clyde were in Dexter, Iowa. When is that ever going to happen again.

So, it seems that Kahlen can now propel herself around the room. No, she is not crawling, but I sat her down about 3 feet to the right of me to play with toys while I wrote this. Now she is at my feet playing with my shoe strings. It seems she has figured out how to scoot herself around while still in an upright sitting position. How cute is that? (I get to say that, I'm Gramma.)

Well, we have a little more day left, and a couple of more things to tend to.

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