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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time to Reenergize

On our first full day on Grand Isle, I had nothing planned. I figured after being in the car for 30,000 hours the day before, we could use a break from it. We would be driving into New Orleans the next two days, so a day out of the car was just what we needed.

The weather decided to rain on us, but that didn't keep us inside. The house has both a covered upper deck and a patio area underneath. Soccer balls were dribbled, footballs thrown around. The boys got soaking wet in the warm rain.

There were porch swings a plenty on both upper and lower decks. The grandkids swung on the swings to their hearts content. The view from the upper deck and the sounds of the sea beckoned as we waited for the rain to break.

Lunch time came and we got all the grandkids fed and had them rest for a while saying the rain might be done when they woke up from nap. Well, naps didn't happen, too much excitement being in a new place. Yatzee was brought out and it occupied the kids for sometime.

The game got over and about 2:00 pm the rain finally stopped. We wandered down to the beach. The wind off the water was chilly, and after taking a few photos I went back up to the house to get a warmer jacket. It was amazing to me how much colder the air was on the sea side of the berm. I went in the house and somehow, a big comfy chair distracted me and I fell asleep. A while later Willie came in and said they could see dolphins in the gulf. I tried to wake up, but failed miserably. When I finally did get my eyes to stay open our visitors had left and I worried I had missed my only chance to see a dolphin. 

As the kids made dinner I made it back down to the beach to take some photos. The solitude of the beach was inspiring. It was just as Belle had said. We pretty much had the beach all to ourselves. The rentals all around us were empty. We would be able to run and play as we wished.

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