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Monday, March 20, 2017

Water Falls

The next morning the sun woke us up gently and we got our day started. It had rained a bit more in the night, so the air was damp and the ground soft and wet. We dug out some sweet rolls from the car and had breakfast. 

The dampness in the air left a slight haze that the sun was fighting to burn off. There was still a chill, but the warm sun would soon fix that. We decided to check out more of the park, and go down to see the water falls. 

The gorge has three waterfalls. Simply named the upper, middle and lower falls. Not a lot of creativity went into the names, but made them easier to find. 

I can't tell you which falls is which. Except to say, these two lower photos are of the same one. I was fascinated by the railroad bridge that went over it. We even saw a train pass over.

There isn't a lot I can say to add to the beauty of this park, so I'll just let the photos take over from here.

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