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Sunday, March 19, 2017


After our day in Pittsburgh Willie and I got in line to wait to enter the stadium. That's when it started, just a drizzle at first. Our new sweatshirts  seemed to be protecting us from the dampness and cool air.  Our hats keeping the rain off our faces. 

Yes, I am wearing Steelers gear, I'm still a little mad at the Rams for moving to Los Angeles after trying to blackmail St. Louis to keep them there. I don't really care where the Rams set up shop, but I am sick to death of pro teams blackmailing cities and threatening to move to get the cities to give them corporate welfare money that could much better be used elsewhere. That being said, I felt no disloyalty donning Steelers gear for one night. 

 We found our seats, your typical nosebleed seats. I could tell Willie was disappointed at first, but tickets were ridiculously expensive, we were lucky to have those. We could, however see the whole field and there were jumbotrons everywhere to see replays. All was good.

The rain gave us a break as we found our seats. We used napkins to dry the bleachers off and sat down. We had a little hope the rain was done as we waited for the game to begin. Willie looked around and seemed happy to be there.

Neither of us thought to go down to the concession stands to look for rain ponchos. That would come back to bight us in the butt. As the sun finished setting and game time approached, so did more rain clouds. These clouds had serious business in mind. These were clouds that were not to be trifled with. These clouds had a grudge and were going to have their way. We were doomed.

We got soaked, clear through to the bone. We tried to make the best of it and cheer the Steelers on as they beat the Chiefs. The pouring rain was relentless. Willie's sweatshirt didn't seem to have the water resistance mine did and I was soaked. He was freezing and the Steelers were way ahead, so we left with around five minutes left on the clock. He listened to the play by play as we worked our way down the ramp at full speed. The Steelers stayed ahead and won the game. It would have been miserable to sit there in that weather only to have them lose.

I think he had a good time despite being cold, and I got to check one thing off mu bucket list. I was starting to really about the weather for the rest of the week. Tent camping in cold rain? No, please.

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