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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rough Week

The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 Has been a rough one for Dad. He caught a bad cold, I'm not sure how, neither Willie nor I have had one. Never the less, he has been miserable. I mean influenza miserable, but he hasn't had a fever at all. On top of it all, he ended up with pink eye in both eyes. Life has not been kind to him this last week.

His home health nurse came, his lungs were clear, his oxygen level was fine. With the weather being so cold, I didn't want to take him out unless it was necessary.
sound asleep
One day he tried to make himself feel better. He got up, got dressed and came out to the front room. He tried very hard to read the paper. However, sleep got the best of him and he was on the same page all afternoon. He didn't eat well, and went to bed early.

The next few days he stayed in bed. I noticed that his eyes were getting red and had a white discharge in them. I called the doctor and he called an eye drop into a local pharmacy. They didn't want us to bring him in if we didn't need to, either.

His cough got worse, and I was considering taking him into the ER. He insisted he didn't want to go, so I decided to wait one more day. Yesterday he woke up and was feeling better. Not good, but better. He ate his breakfast and got out of bed all day. Today he is a little better still. He stayed up all day and even watched the end of the Packers/49ers game with Willie.

I think my dad likes football. I think he likes it a lot. He hasn't watched it that I can ever remember, but I think that was because my mom convinced him he didn't like it. My brother and sister never liked it either, so Dad just never got to watch it, until now. When Willie is watching a game, my dad will stay up later and watch it with him. Now, he doesn't stay up for evening games, but he stayed up clear until 7:30 tonight to see the end of the 49ers game. He also watched the Army/Navy game, and was happy with how that turned out, and even watched Iowa's bowl game on New Years, even though he was in his room sick. Poor guy was sick on his birthday.

On a completely different subject, I think, maybe, just maybe, we need a humidifier. Poor Bazinga has been having some very bad hair days.
And.... he desperately needs a bath. I took this picture because he was using Mia as a pillow. When I looked at it, I realized just how desperately. He is a Maltese, after all. Which means he is supposed to be white. He's not getting that bath until the temperature gets into the 30's again. He is not arguing about that. He just thinks Mia is too white. He says  she needs to get dirty to match him and all will be just fine. It is HER issue, not his. He really doesn't see the problem. 

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