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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Wee Bit of Spring

A couple of weeks ago when the evil, evil polar vortex hit, I was at the grocery store. As I walked in I saw some hyacinth bulbs in little glass vases filled part way with water. I looked at them and started to go past them. 

 I took four steps and backed back up to them. I looked again. They were $3.99. I started to walk away again. I didn't even get my foot on the ground from the first step and changed my mind. I looked the little bulbs and the leaves popping out of them. I decided I needed a little spring in the house.
 After careful scrutiny I picked one. It looked to be growing well and have a good thick root system. I set my sites on the future spark of spring that would be growing in my house.
 I walked around the store, with my precious bit of spring. Finished my shopping, and went home. I pulled my little flower to be out of its protective bag. The bag kept it warm while the temperatures outside were so "kill me now" cold.
 I put it on the counter. Willie looked at me like I was a wee bit crazy. A look I am so familiar with, it never phases me any more. I found the perfect spot where it would get a lot of sunshine, and not be too cold.
 I gave it water and turned it regularly, to help it grow straight. I took care of it, through all of the turmoil that has been going on lately.
 Now, It is blooming and making my house happily fragrant. It is the wee bit of Spring I needed. It makes me happy and feel just a bit warmer on this "are you kidding me" cold day.

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