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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013

 I love Christmas! I think I've said that before. I know I'll say it again. I love the decorations and the lights and just how everything springs to life during the winter drear of December. These two ornaments are for mother and daughter, Kahlen wanted them together. 
 This one is from the very first Christmas tree Willie and I had together so very many years ago.  
 This one I bought in Adel, just because it was pretty. No special story. 
 Valerie Got me this one. It is deep purple, my favorite color. (what? You knew that? How did you know?)
 The decorated tree. Kahlen helped so much. It was a great time!
 A little bit of window dressing. The snowflake is from Josh and Caitlin's wedding, two years ago today. Happy Anniversary!!
 The little stove Willie bought for his mom many, many years ago. Since she passed away it has been a part of our Christmas every year. 
 This bowl was given to me by my son in law, Shane. It was hand made by someone he knows. It is absolutely beautiful! 
 This is a bobbaloo! He is the cutest darn thing ever created by human hands. His name is Merlot. He was lovingly sewn by a lady named Kit Lane who lives in Minnesota. She has an Etsy shop if you want to check out more of her wares. She makes a lot of wonderful bobs, and other critters. She is a great artist!
 My elephant always has to get into the act. 
 Willie got me the snowman glob for my birthday, many birthdays ago. I love snow globes. 
 Elephant again. He's just cool!
 Another snowflake from Josh and Caitlin's wedding. There are MILLIONS of them!
 Nothing special about this pretty red ball. I'm just happy with how the picture came out. 
 Yeah, yeah another snowflake. But they are SO pretty!
The embroidered Mary, Joseph and Jesus were made by my mother. I have had them for thirty years. 
It is a way that I can still have my mom as a part of every Christmas. Although, she never really liked Christmas much. She died over 25 years ago. I'm glad I still have this type of thing to remember her by. 

I hope everyone is having a joyful holiday season. Whether you celebrate or not, believe or not I wish you happiness, love and peace to finish the year. 

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