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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bazinga and the Snow

 Bazinga loves the snow!
 He loves snow more than any creature great or small.
 He loves to chase the snow!
 It makes him feel proud and tall. 
 Bazinga runs in the snow at the speed of light. 
He runs and runs till he's tuckered out right. 
Then Bazinga runs more,
he never gives up a fight.
Bazinga is a snow loving fool,
he thinks snow is really quite cool. 
Many have wondered, 
quite often out loud, 
how such a small dog, 
can run in the snow so proud. 
People can wonder all they want, says Bazinga. 
I'll run in the snow, until my toes are all tinglin'.
This guy does NOT get what Bazinga sees in the snow. 
Pack up his bags and off to Florida he will go! 

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