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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Oh Yeah and A Woops

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add this picture of the banister on the last post. 

And this is my bestest bud! He was born 25 years ago on December 8, 1988. Isn't he the cutest ever! I didn't forget to tell him happy birthday on his birthday, honest! The post might be a woops, but I remembered in real life. I even called and left him a message singing Happy Birthday. Ok, that was probably more torture than a nice thing. It was the thought that counts.  Just think, he can listen to that over and over, or pull it out at parties when he wants to get everyone out of the way. 

He is my one and only son. He makes me laugh. He has a very, we'll call it unique, sense of humor that some times I think I'm the only one who gets. His dad has a harder time with it. Josh and I can go back and forth and back and forth and it is a natural as pooping. Poor Willie has had to learn how to tell when Josh is joking, which is usually most of the time. Willie has gotten better over the years. I think it is because they don't live in the same house any more so he doesn't have to figure out what is a joke and what isn't. I miss that, it was fun watching Willie pull a Sheldon trying to figure it out. (Don't tell him I said that though, haha)

I know it is two days late, but if you consider he and Caitlin's birth-aversary-day, I'm still right on target. 


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