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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Herbs, Mia, Bazinga and Stuff

 I get bored pretty easily and look pretty hard to find things to amuse myself. When Dad isn't up to leaving the house, with the cold, that is most days, I am limited as far as options.

I got my camera out the other day and took photos of things in or very close to my house. They don't really go together, but I had my camera and they were in my way. If they didn't want their pictures taken they should have moved.

 Of course the always present and most easily assessable subjects are Mia and Bazinga. Mia has been on a diet lately. I'm trying to lighten the load on her almost ten year old joints. She likes her diet. She gets tuna every morning. That's about all that I've changed so far, she's lost a half a pound.
 I bought some living herbs at the store yesterday. I need them for Thanksgiving dinner you know. Willie saw that they still had dirt with them and quickly sprang to action. The gardener in him gets restless and a little stir crazy in the winter. Any chance to plant something is greeted with glee.

I got all of the important herbs. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, you know, like in the song. Except I forgot the parsley. I also got some sweet basil. That wasn't in the song though. Sad.

Once Willie got them all planted he put them on a stand by the window. I noticed how the setting sun was showing threw them. It was very pretty. What made me want to take photos. 

Rosemary reminds me of miniature Christmas trees. I think it is one of my favorite herbs. It smells so good. The flavor works so well in so many things. I love chopping it. I don't know why. It just seems to crunch in a very particular way when the knife hits those leaves. They don't bruise or flatten when chopped. They stay sturdy, thick, and the aroma, oh the aroma! 

 This little guy was supposed to be decorated for Halloween. Kahlen came over for a day while Dad was in respite. We were supposed to decorate him then. Being able to be out and about with her was so fun, we pretty much forgot about the poor thing. I think he will be brought in for Thanksgiving.

We had our first snow the other day. Not much really, but apparently enough to make drivers on Interstate 380 forget how to drive. There were wrecks all over it. There are aways wrecks on that stretch of highway, though. I guess people that travel from Iowa City to Cedar Rapids need to go back to driver's ed. 

Willie wanted cheese burgers yesterday. I forgot to get fresh hamburger at the store, so we had to thaw out frozen. Willie was chasing the sunshine all day trying to keep the hamburger in it. He really wanted cheeseburgers. 

Mia and Bazinga hate each other SO much! It really breaks my heart how they just can't seem to get along. 


  1. This is just a test...I've been trying to post comments and it hasn't been working for me. Thinks its me and/or my laptop.

  2. Hoot, hoot! Looks like I'm back in business. First off, your post on men's underpants was "spot" on! Bahahah. T'is one of the things I'm not missing by not being married or having a son...pooh-pooh undies. Second, your statement "If they didn't want their pictures taken they should have moved" that! Third, glad to read that your father is doing as well as can be expected. Lastly, I wasn't able to post a condolence at the time of the passing of your bother and want you to know that I was thinking of you a lot at that time. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and take lots of pictures of your little ones while they are still little!

    1. Thank you for your condolences. Dad is really doing well with all of it. Thanksgiving was a little weird without Ben there.

      You don't have to tell me twice to take pics of the grandkids.:)