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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dad's New Chair

 A few weeks ago my dad got a new chair. It is a power chair. I like it! Other than scaring the poo out of me when he comes out the front door, I'm always afraid he will go right off the front porch, it has been wonderful!

He doesn't use it in the house. He could if he had to, but I want him up and walking some, even if it is just to the bathroom. He needs to keep his strength up a little. If I let him use the chair in the house he would lose all of his ability to get around.
 But outside, OUTSIDE it has been wonderful! We can get around and go for walks. We went down to the square and went to the meat market. We went to Star Drug, we got outside! It felt so good to be outside! I wish we would have had it much earlier. It would have been great to have it during the warm months. We have it now though, and will have it next spring!! I can't wait! FREEDOM!!

Our biggest goal right now is to just get him used to it. It has a joy stick to steer it, and he doesn't quite grasp how it works. Right now I have it set at his walking speed. I figure that way it gives him a chance to null out which way to go. It is slow though. Very slow. I kick it up a notch when he is crossing a street, but then turn it back down.
The physical therapy department at the VA wasn't really sold on the idea of Dad having a power chair. He panics a little when he can't figure out how to control it. His doctor wanted him to have it though. Plus, I will always be with him when he's on it. He won't be going anywhere by himself. He can't even get on it by himself. I think he will be safe. As long as he doesn't go off the front porch. I'll be there to stop him before that happens though.

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