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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caitlin's BABY Shower

 My daughter in law, Caitlin, is pregnant. If you didn't already know this it must be because you don't live in Iowa, and not Facebook friends with anyone I know. You see, Caitlin is very happy and very excited to be pregnant. She has wanted a baby well, at least since the second she and Josh said "I do." I suspect however that this longing for a baby was inborn in her. She is one of those people who were just born to be a parent.

The theme for the shower was Rock a Bye Baby, with the emphasis on ROCK. I had a lot of fun making the invitations. I experimented with several different, what I called, prototypes, and settled on the one shown. The card stock had several shades of blue, and they were all hand painted, so each was unique. Unfortunately, some got out a little late, that's what happens when you do things by hand though. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

My daughter Valerie came out to my house to make cupcakes and help make some decorations two days before. My daughter Alyssa, and my friends Dawn and Kelley and I spent the evening before decorating. As you can see we carried the music theme into the decorations. 

Family and friends were there. The soon to be new great grandmother and grand mother were both there. This will be the first grand baby for Caitlin's parents. I think perhaps, even as excited as they are, just perhaps, great grandma is just a tad bit more excited. 

There was also food, onsie painting, silly games and conversation. We had people write happy, (OK silly and some a little sarcastic,)  messages on diapers for the new parents to use for those endless middle of the night diaper changes. Something to make them giggle in their delirium. Many had the message, "make Josh change this one." We had clues all over in the decorations, for people to try and guess the baby's name. Which is Noah.  

I think people had fun. I know Caitlin was excited and enjoying seeing everyone. There were babies galore there, that made her even happier.

One little glitch, which I had nothing to do with, so, not my fault, was the baby registry. She was registered at Target. You know, so that she would get the things she wanted and needed. AND not get any duplicates...... She ended up with three pack and plays. Yes, three. OK, maybe one was my fault, I went at the last minute and bought one. I had noticed the day before that it wasn't checked off the list. When I got to Target the list wouldn't print out, (see still not my fault) and I took the chance and got one anyway. On the bright side, I think they took two back and used it toward a crib. 
One game we played was one I made up. I painted five different pictures on poster board. Each one depicted a song with the word "rock" in it and a little hint about who the artist that sang it was. Below are photos of said paintings. Can you figure out the songs and artists?

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