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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 I just realized that since I haven't been blogging regularly that I haven't blogged about the grand kids lately. Well, not even since young Mr. Paxton was born. Not that I haven't wanted to, or that I take any less interest in him than I do his sister. I think it is just because, well, I've been very lazy about blogging for sometime now. I can't say that is going to change anytime soon. I must introduce my happy little grandson to you though.

When I say happy, I mean happy! He is a complete delight to be around. About the only time he doesn't have a smile on his face is when he sees you point a camera at him. Then curiosity takes over. He gets a very inquisitive look about him that you can't help but snap picture after picture of him.

He is going to be quite the little ladies man don't you think. He already has the smoldering good looks going for him. For now though he is a mommy's boy. He lights up in a way that just puts a spark in your day when he sees his mommy. Alyssa lights up just as much when he gives her one of his big goofy grins. Shane is a proud papa as always. The look he gives his son is one only a daddy can give. It is so fun to see this young little family growing together.
 Kahlen, well she adores her little brother. She is always there to calm him on the rare occasion that he cries. She is always kissing on him and hugging him. Not that she doesn't have her jealous moments. They come out subtly sometimes, and loudly and suddenly at others. She is three after all. Mostly, she loves bubby very much. Which may all change when he starts getting around and getting into her stuff.

Kahlen is growing up so beautifully. Her mommy and daddy have done such an awesome job with her. She has her three year old moments. She can be very loud and stubborn about what she wants at times, what three year old isn't.

She loves planting flowers with Grandpa, and painting pictures and baking cookies with Gramma. She calls me Gramma now instead of Nahma. It makes me a little sad. I felt special when she called me Nahma. But it is like I tell Alyssa when she sees her little ones growing so fast, and she wants to slow down time, it means they are happy, healthy growing kids, something to be thankful for.

So, Gramma it is. Which I suppose means a name change for this blog once again. If I can remember how.

I am so thrilled to have these two little people in my life! They are sunshine and flowers and warm spring days all rolled into one. They are challenging and frustrating and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 I'm pretty sure they both already know that all they have to do is flash their happy little smiles at me and no matter how many hairs I may have already pulled out of my head I will melt all over again. Those hair pulling moments come few and far between, the blessing of being Gramma instead of Mommy. And I wouldn't trade one second of any moment for anything in this world!
And here's Bazinga, goofy as always

And introducing.......

That's right, grand baby number three is on the way! Josh and Caitlin are having a baby due in September!

I'm so thankful that we live in Iowa again!