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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bazinga Wednesday

 The last few times I took my camera out and about, I left Bazinga at home. He decided today that was just unacceptable. Today he demanded to come with me. After all, he was seriously deficient of dandelion puffs. The vet told him so.
We got in the car and headed east. We went to Holcomb, on the advice of a friend at work. She new I was fascinated with old churches and encouraged me to check it out. I am so glad I did. I spent most of the early afternoon taking pictures of it and its surrounding graveyard. I'll post one picture and maybe post more at a later time. It was a great church, very old, built in 1867. It deserves its own post.
 After we were done at the church, Bazinga decided that as beautiful as the day was, it was not time to go home. He decided that a trip to the lake was in order. He wanted to go hiking, I still wanted to take photographs so off to Coralville lake we went.

I got to this dandelion puff before Bazinga could make a snack of it.

Bazinga enjoyed climbing on the rocks. He tried to get a little over adventurous and thought he should be able climb down the rocks and take a swim in the lake. Thank goodness for his purple (yes, it embarrasses him to have a girly one) harness. At least he didn't strangle when he tried to dive into the water.  
 He watched as a boat sped by with three inter tubes in tow.  He thought he should be chasing them. He got particularly worried when he saw the tubes crash throwing their riders into the lake. He felt much better though when he saw the riders were wearing their life vests. They even seemed excited about their predicament. The boat came back for them, they climbed back on the tubes and went on their way.

 Does anyone know what tree this is from. There were all sorts of them on a trail we hiked. I have never seen one of these before. The tree is very tall, but not very full. There were these flowers(?) all over them. Bazinga thought I spent waaaayyy too much time photographing it. He had much better things to do.

For instance chasing these two fellows. Again, thank goodness for purple harnesses. Bazinga, however was cussing it. He saw those two heads pop up and thought "TOY!!!! Damm, that girly harness anyway!"

We also saw this seagull. SEAgull, in Iowa, always makes me laugh. I do often wonder what they are doing here.

Bazinga didn't see him, he was still busy trying to get the geese.
 I was hoping maybe the pelicans were still there, but they weren't.

SEAgulls, (hehe) just aren't quite the same. Why are they in land locked Iowa anyway?
 Here is my major accomplishment for the day. I chased this little guy around for an hour to get these shots. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

I did have to stop and think a little about how bees seem to be in trouble. This little guy seemed to be about the only to be found. Yet there was an entire row of blooming lilacs. Shouldn't it have been full of bees buzzing around. Shouldn't there have been many hard working bees gathering pollen? It just didn't seem right.

 Finally, we found her. She was busy calling out to someone. Maybe nagging a mate to hurry up and get the nest built. After all she had eggs to lay, and she wasn't going to lay them just anywhere. Bazinga says pregnancy makes birds cranky, too.

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