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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chasing the Sunset (and a cow or two)

I have an odd day off tomorrow. I don't usually have Wednesdays off. It seems weird, but I intend to enjoy it. I decided to start enjoying it tonight. About 7:15, I decided to grab my camera, jump in the car and go take photos along the rural countryside.

 It was a beautiful evening after a freak 90 degree May day. One TV station called it a one day heatwave. It was chilly yesterday, 90 today and going to be around 75 tomorrow. Iowa weather.... can't live with it, can't punch it in the stomach.

I pointed my car west and chased the sun as it slowly set in the sky. I found my self on a country dirt road and started clicking my camera away.

I'll let you decide if I "caught" the sunset or not.

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