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Monday, July 30, 2012

And Now... Just In Time To Sell It....

 Remember when Willie and I first moved into this house and I wrote a post about the 1960's bathroom from hell? Well, finally, almost 2 years later, the bathroom is FINALLY DONE!
Yes, it is true that the house is now for sale. Which also makes it true that after all that work someone else is going to use and enjoy this new bathroom. Hopefully, it will help sell the house at a decent price.
 Hopefully, once we get to Iowa City, the new house will have a bathroom that is already usable and pretty. Or at least that will only need paint. I like to paint. That whole tiling thing, though, not so much. I would do it again. I know more now, so that would help.
I like how it turned out. I like the colors we chose. The lighting doesn't show it well in the pictures though. We put in crown molding, Willie, got very frustrated with it. Trying to get the angles cut did not go well, so we improvised. I think it turned out well.
All in all, for never having done a project like this before, I think we did ok.

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