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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Photo by Dawn Blackburn Fat Dog Creative
My favorite dancing girl.

Photo by Katharyne Dunn
The perfect flower girl.
I plan on writing a happy blog about Alyssa and Shane's reception. However, since I didn't take many pictures myself I am waiting for pictures from a friend to use for my blog. I was busy enjoying the moments that come once in a lifetime and left the picture taking to others. I can't wait to share them with you. Some that I have seen so far are wonderful! Both from my friend Dawn Blackburn of Fat Dog Creative in St. Charles, Mo, and the wedding photographer, Katharyne Dunn, of Katharyne Dunn Photography in Altoona, Iowa. As you can see by the two sneak peaks the wait will be so worth it!

Until then I will share some of my pictures from a beautiful fall day out and about with Bazinga.
 We went to my favorite Indiana State park again, Shades. Some of you have seen photos from there before. I found a trail that I had never been on before, which actually took me over to a wildlife preserve adjacent to the park. I didn't see any wildlife, we heard some scuffling here and there, which peaked Bazinga's interest.
 Mostly though we saw beautiful fall leaves all around. It was just breezy enough that now and then we found ourselves in the middle of a magical whirlwind of leaves. I tried desperately to take pictures of the wind blown fantasy, but with no avail.
 My simple little camera was not able to catch the dancing leaves. It focused on the wrong things and I couldn't convince it to focus on anything else. Finally, I just pointed the camera up and hit the shutter over and over. Sadly, replicating our experience was not to be.
 Hopefully, one day soon, a camera with great resolution and more creative control will come my way. I have my eye on a Nikon, but it will take many months of money saving to get it. When I do, I will celebrate with a photo taking spree like no other. I can't wait!
 The photo below is a tree root that fascinated me. I couldn't, no matter how I tried, get my camera to focus on it properly. It made me very sad.
The root reminded me of a wood nymph or some other woodland fairy creature. The big eye, the hat and hair that drapes over the other eye. The little pouty mouth, that is so sad about how our world is changing, and not for the better. Perhaps the little wood nymph has a way to make things better. Can you see my little wood nymph, or am I just as crazy as others have tried to convince me I am.

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