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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alyssa's Wedding

Photo by Katharyne Dunn Photography
On September 24, 2011 at five in the evening my youngest daughter became a married woman! The days leading up to the wedding were stressful, but in the best way stress can be. There were times I was ready to strangle my beloved daughter, but tried to keep an understanding heart.

The rehearsal dinner was simple and fun. Casual and laid back, just what was needed for both bride and groom, and parents alike. Pizza was delivered and enjoyed by all. A stressed out groom found time to tell his frenzied bride how much he loved her. A very stressed out bride had time to sit for a minute to breathe.

After the rehearsal dinner, a stressed out mother and father of the bride found time to visit friends and have a much needed glass of wine. That may surprise one or two of you, but don't be too surprised, it was just me partaking, Willie just relaxed and enjoyed laughing and talking. 

The night went by quickly and a little sleeplessly. The morning was absolutely lovely and a perfect early fall day. A perfect day for pictures. Calm breezes and warm temperatures made it comfortable for bride and wedding party.

Photo by Dawn Blackburn

Photo by Dawn Blackburn

Kahlen happily watched as preparations continued. She was one of the flower girls. She felt like a princess in her pretty dress. She looked like an angel from Heaven. She had fun showing off her pretty shoes and was fascinated by her pearl neckless. 

Photo by Anita Luvaas
The bride was gorgeously stunning and the groom handsome. Both looked happy if not terrified. The realness setting in, the foreverness both exciting and overwhelming. They both had the glazed over look of soon to be newlyweds.

Preparations all went as planned, the only thing that didn't go the way the bride wanted was having to stand on a balcony for pictures. Alyssa takes after her father and is a little fearful of heights. It took much convincing to get her out their.

The ceremony was simple and perfect. The bride and groom looked happily frightened and completely in love. Kahlen walked with her flower girl partner, and did everything exactly as practiced. She stood with the bridal party for part of the ceremony and on my lap for part. She just knew she belonged up their with her mommy and daddy.

Willie walked Alyssa down the isle bursting with pride. His smile beamed for all to see. He was dashing in his tuxedo, and watching them both was like a surreal dream. A surreal dream of the best kind. The kind where you are so focused on one thing that everything around you blurs and drifts away into a soft swirling fog. We each hugged our littlest and watched her walk to her groom. It was a vision like none I have ever seen before. It was my little girl, all grown up, marrying the love of her life.


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