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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bucket List

December of 2012 will mark my 50th birthday. A half a century of life. Many feel old hitting such a milestone. Maybe as it gets closer I will have that reaction, too. Right now though, It doesn't seem to bother me. My age has only bothered me once. My 25th birthday, for some reason, that I still today cannot explain, was a tough one for me. I think that was the only birthday that I had that, "I am so old," feeling. Why then, and not say, 30 or 40? Heck if I know.

The only thing I feel about turning 50 next year is the urge to do and see things I have never done before. I have a bucket list in my iPhone. I started on it last year sometime and add to it now and then. Most of the things, honestly, I know I will probably never do. Most of the things involve travel. I would love to travel. I've stated that before on here. I have never had the chance to travel much. Most of my travels were with my Girl Scout troops in junior and senior high school. That was an awful long time ago. I want to do more, yes I am the greedy type.

So, here is my list. It is kind of a long one, which is why I probably wont get to do it all. It isn't in any type of an order. I'll be happy getting to do whatever whenever.

I have never ever been on an airplane. Not because I have any phobia, just have never had the opportunity. I would love to go on one. It would make it a lot easier to go to some of the places I'd like to go, but big boats are good too, I'd do that. Flying first class of course would be the most enjoyable, relaxing and watching out the window without someone almost on top of me is the dream. I'd be just as satisfied to go couch, just to be able to say I had been on an airplane.

A few of the things I would like to do could all be taken care of in one trip. For instance, I would like to fly over the Atlantic ocean. I would like to go to Europe. I would like to walk in the footsteps of the Beatles. All could be done on the same trip. That and going to Ireland, Scotland, and seeing the French countryside. It would be a long trip true, but what an awesome trip. Maybe go to Sweden, and see Stockholm too.

Another place in Europe I'd like to spend a lot of time, Germany. My father's family is from Germany. It would be interesting to see where the family is from. Look in a phonebook and see how many Siepmanns I would find. Maybe find a headstone of an ancestor. Walk the streets they walked on. See the places they saw. Breathe the air they lived in.

As much as I would like to do all of that, what I would really like to do is spend time traveling my own home country. I read an article once about a trail you can walk on the east coast. It goes from Maine to Florida. At the right time, you can start at one end and walk and see the seasons change. It would take weeks, but wouldn't it be the most aw inspiring thing to do? I would love it. Absolutely, love it. I would definitely want a good camera for that. I'd love to spend that time with Willie, like a second honeymoon.

There are other things I'd really like to do specifically with my husband. He was born in Hawaii, I would love to go there with him. One thing I know I would really like to do while we are there, eat gourmet Spam. That's right, gourmet Spam. I hear it is a huge thing in Hawaii. Therefore, I see it as a must do.  Plus, going to Hawaii would make two more goals possible, flying over the Pacific and seeing a volcano.

I would love to spend a summer in Alaska. Just get in a car and drive where ever I can drive to. I would love to lie down outside, with Willie and watch the northern lights. We could travel the state enjoying nature where it is still truly nature. A new camera would be in order.

Then there are the places I would love to take Kahlen, and any new grandchildren that will come along. Disney World or Disneyland scream to mind. I have never been there, my kids have never been there, what a wonderful big old family trip that would be. Maybe it could be on the way to another dream family trip, a Christmas cruise to the Bahamas.

Other Christmas trips I'd love to take, one would be to New York City. Ice fall in in Central Park. Yes, I said ice fall, I'm sure whatever I would be doing could not be called ice skating. I want to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. I want to take Kahlen to see Santa Claus at Macy's in NYC. I know, I know, very touristy, but I've never been there. Oh, and we could go see The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast or what ever is playing while we were there.

I also want to take Kahlen to see the National Christmas tree in Washington DC. I like Christmas trees. I like Christmas. I would enjoy sharing Christmas with my family in new places. Seeing how Christmas is celebrated in different cities and towns. The decorations and traditions, how they are different, how they are the same.

I love camping, I love camping with my family. I would love taking a camping trip with the whole family to the Rocky Mountains. Camp at Yellowstone, I've been there before, with Girl Scouts, but never with my family.

Go to the Grand Canyon, camp, ride donkeys, take the gondola ride across the canyon. Go on a helicopter tour. Watch the kids' faces as they see it all for the first time too.

There is so much more. Constitution Hall, The Liberty Bell, The Lincoln Memorial, Gettysburg, so much history, our country's roots. The places they decided that birthing this nation at the risk of their own lives was important and necessary. The places that great decisions were made. The places where people gave all to keep our nation whole. It is overwhelming to think about.

So, there is the bulk of my bucket list. I'm sure there is more, but these are the most important to me. Maybe someday...... probably not.

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