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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Small Success

A week or so ago a woman bought a small piglet in hopes of making it a pet. When she got it home she found out she wasn't allowed to keep it where she lived. Distraught and broken hearted she reluctantly took the piglet to the Humane Society of Missouri. There they told her that they didn't take pigs. (What?) They told her to call Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. They said they had no room for the piglet. (Again, what?) They gave her the phone number for a pig sanctuary. Luckily, for the lady and the piglet, the lady at the pig sanctuary had heard of Randy the pig and got in touch with Dawn Blackburn.

They asked Dawn if she could help, Dawn said, "absolutely!" Because if you come to Dawn with a problem she can help with, that is always her answer. While she is working tirelessly to try to get Randy home, she was so happy this little piglet did not end up at Longmeadow in a 30 day quarantine, she told the lady she would take the piglet in a heartbeat. 

Then Dawn got to work. She got on Facebook, she got on the phone. She contacted families that are experienced with pigs. In less than an hour she had a new home for little Mr. Hamlet. No fees exchanged, just one piggy person contacting another piggy person to help a piggy in need. While still with Dawn, little Hamlet got a vet check and lots of love. What the Humane Society should have done for Randy. 

Dawn did in less than an hour what Longmeadow hasn't done in one, two and three years for the pigs at their facility. Less than ONE HOUR! That is why they need to start talking to good breeders! They need to take advantage of the networking breeders do. Why they need to realize they aren't experts at caring for all animals, and reaching out to those that are is not a show of weakness but an act of compassion and intelligence. If you don't know how to properly care for an alpaca, reach out to someone who does. If you don't know the difference between a juliana pig and a pot belly pig, find someone who does. If you haven't had any luck adopting out PET PIGS find an expert in PET PIGS and find out WHY! Don't just keep the cute ones, for pictures in brochures and dump the rest on a pig sanctuary. Knowledge is power. If you don't have it, find someone who DOES!

Thanks to the efforts made by Dawn, and the Bring Randy the Pig Home Community little Hamlet is in his new home tonight. Snugly warm, safe and loved. Hopefully, Randy will be home soon too.

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