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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If Cows Are Smart, I Don't Want to Know

Since starting on this journey with Dawn to free Randy from the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, I have learned a LOT. Not just about how to make memes either.

I have learned so much about the intelligence, sensitivity, and how loving pigs are. They are as smart as a three year old child. A THREE. YEAR. OLD. CHILD! They trust. Not automatically, they are born afraid that everything is going to eat them. Which when you think about it, is pretty darn smart of them. They can be taught, taught to trust. They can learn that a human can be looked to, for love, for companionship, and they won't be eaten.

Dogs are born, usually, trusting anyone that pats them on the head. Cats are born, usually, knowing that humans are servants and if they treat us just nice enough we keep their bowls filled and their litter clean. Pigs aren't born that way. They learn. THEY LEARN!

Trust isn't something that comes quickly to a pig. It takes work. A lot of work. Once a point is reached, the switch turns on and they trust. They not only trust, but they love their families just as much as any dog or cat. Maybe even more. Can you imagine starting out life sure you were going to be eaten, yet learn to trust and love the very person you were sure was going to eat you.

Is it piggy Stockholm syndrome? I don't think so. When humans develop Stockholm syndrome it doesn't go away very quickly. When a pig has a reason to lose trust, it can happen in an instant. Once the trust is gone, it could be gone forever. That's why everyday that Randy is left alone, being treated like livestock is so incredibly heart wrenching to Dawn. She is so afraid that her sweet little Randy may have already turned that corner.

I've learned that pigs have hearts that break. They can actually become depressed when they are taken from the family they love. They are a herd animal. Whether that family is a bunch of pigs or a bunch of humans, they mourn if they lose that family.

All of what I have learned about pet pigs, I cannot separate from livestock pigs. Does a farm pig have the same abilities? Is a pet pig so far removed from a farm pig? Does a farm pig know when it is going to slaughter? Esther the Wonder Pig makes me think farm pigs are just as smart as pet pigs. Just a different turn of events kept her in a house, instead of on a plate.

I haven't been able to bring myself to eat pork for ten days now. I see a slice of bacon and I think of Randy. We have had pizza twice, and I can't get myself to eat my beloved pepperoni. I have actually been eating veggie pizza. VEGGIE PIZZA! I refuse to eat beef on pizza. Hamburger has no place on pizza. Just like cheddar cheese has no place on pizza. Don't argue with me on this, you won't win. Okay, okay, taco pizza can have both hamburger and cheddar cheese, but that's it!

I don't know how long this inability to eat pork will last. Well... because...  you know.. BACON! For now though, apparently, I am a reluctant, semi kosher non-Jew.

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