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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Best Days

 My best days, by far are the days that my kids and grandkids come to visit. It is so hard to get out of the house, taking care of Dad. When they come to visit it is like a dark cloud gets shot out of the sky with a super shooter 2000 water sprayer.
 Days become about smiles, bubbles and laughter. Running and giggling fill the air. Life feels like life again. Sunshine pours over me even if it is storming outside.

 There is nothing like watching the wonder in the eyes of a toddler and a preschooler with bubbles! The pure and utter joy! Bubbles are so magical and friendly. Kids just know that a bubble isn't going to hurt them. That the only reason for a bubble to exist is to make them laugh. 
And water, running water, bubbling running water. If it isn't there to stick toes in, what the heck is it for? 

 Ok, I guess for washing rocks of course. And toes, and puppies, oh, and baby brothers too. 
 Paxton decided that Grandpa had become a little lax in mowing. He obviously needed to assist him. It is a very rare thing to get a picture of this kid when he's not moving. Most pictures of him are a blur of color topped with blond streaks in the wind.
 More rocks, more water. Grandpa has moved the little water feature since she was here last. I wonder if she will approve?
 Let's face it, the kid is cute and he knows it! I still need to work on making him a Rams fan though. 
 Noah, he got Daddy's hat, and just what are you going to do about it? 
 He can be very angelic when necessary, look out Mommy. 
 He's pulling himself up to a stand now a days. He has just started crawling, too. When he's in a hurry though he still does the army crawl, especially on our hard wood floors. It's just faster. 
 "Not this again!" He's not a fan of sunglasses. 
 Grandpa set him up his own royal chariot. Grandpa can be a little over protective. He hates it when one of his grandkids gets a boo boo. It breaks Grandpa's heart when they cry!
In case you can't tell, Noah loves his Grandpa.

 The chariot was enjoyed by Mommy and Daddy, too. 
 The fish tank is also a big hit with all of the grandkids. Grandpa loves letting them feed the fish. He will sit in front of the fish tank with a grandchild on his knee all day if they want to. 
 Exercise is important for a growing boy. 
 More bubbles. 
And some pure silliness to brighten a day.

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