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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Early Morning Walk

 A few mornings ago, I woke up early. It was Willie's day to go into work late, and he was still sound asleep. Dad was still in bed and it was still early to get him up.

I laid there in bed and played on my phone a bit. Then I decided to get up, get dressed and take Bazinga out for a walk. We don't get to get out much, I don't remember the last time I took him for an actual walk. Winter was so crappy this year, and with Dad needing constant supervision, getting out for a walk was just not a priority.

With warmer, more predictable weather setting in, I've decided to make getting out for a walk a priority. I can't take care of my dad properly if I don't take care of myself. Getting up early though, that's quite a challenge for me. I hate getting up. Once I'm up and Bazinga and I are out the door, it is always worth it though. Just getting to see so many spring flowers and breath in their sweet aroma made it all worth while.
 Bazinga had a grand time scoping out the dandelions and checking on their readiness. He does like a tasty dandelion puff, but has no interest in their yellow pre-ripened state.

Of course there were all of the wonderful doggie smells to smell, and posts to pee on. He had to make his presence known.
It was a Sunday morning.  If you ever want to roam peacefully about a small Iowa town, Sunday morning is a perfect time.

Williamsburg is such a town. It is a strong Lutheran community. The church across the street from my house always has a full parking lot for both Saturday evening services as well as Sunday morning.

The town rolls up the sidewalks at noon on Saturdays, and doesn't unroll them until Monday morning at nine. It is a nice quiet way to live. The "simpler life." I enjoy small town living, as long as there is a larger city nearby. Iowa City/Coralville is only 25 minutes away, so that works fine.

On our walk we found some violets. I love violets. If it would have been possible I would have used violets and daisies for my wedding flowers. I know most people think of them as weeds, but I  don't. I see them as little reminders of everything spring.

 Not to mention, they look like little butterflies taking off to fly somewhere wonderful.

White violets, purple violets, yellow violets, I love them all.

Bazinga, however had no interest in the tiny delicate little flowers.
He much prefers his dandelions. Which, I learned on this particular walk, have a very specific ripening time. A yellow dandelion isn't even worth a sniff. Bazinga passes those by without a second look. (Although, I have a friend whose pet pig thinks they are delicious.)

Even dandelions that are in puff mode, aren't necessarily ripe to eat. They must be in full puff bloom. When they have gotten to that stage, you can't keep Bazinga away from them. He gets them so quickly you don't even have time to try to stop him. He loves his puffs.

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