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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sandbox Silliness

Kahlen and Paxton came to visit for a few days this week. Always a fun time. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The sky was blue and clear, the air warm, but not hot. Best of all, no humidity.

 Willie decided it was time to get the sandbox set up. He and Kahlen went into Lowe's and bought the sand. The got it home and Kahlen "helped" carry the sand to the box. They opened the bags together and dumped it in.

We brought Paxton out and plopped him in. He first had a look of utter confusion. He looked up at Willie and I like we were a little nutty. (Eh, we're used to it.)

Then he discovered something very wonderful. When Willie would cover his little toes up, they would magically reappear when he would wiggle them. He was mystified! It was The best thing he had ever seen in his WHOLE ENTIRE life!!!

Kahlen, as usual was very hesitant about getting in the sand. She sat up on the edge. Carefully, scooping sand with a shovel, trying to keep her hands clean. She did put her feet in the sand, that is quite a step forward from last year.

Kahlen is never going to be one of those kids who come home covered in mud from head to toe when mom had told her to not to get dirty. She is a lot like her grandpa when it comes to getting dirty. If it is for the right reasons, she might let herself get dirty, but only for the right reasons.

And apparently, Paxton doing it first is a right reason.

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