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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gramma Gets in Trouble

So, Kahlen and I are home on our own last night, like most Monday nights. We are having a good time playing and "talking." I get hungry for some pudding. I go to the fridge and get a chocolate snack pack. Kahlen comes up and looks so cute and I tell her to say "please." I must have turned my head just so and smiled when I said that because that is what Kahlen did. It was so cute. So I gave her a small little bite of my pudding. I take another bite, and decide to see if she will do it again. I tell her to say please and she tilts her head ever so slightly and flashes this big phony grin. It made me laugh, and I gave her another bite. She started giggling with a big chocolate smile. Well, before I knew it we had finished off two pudding packs.

Got her to bed about eight thirty, which is a little early for her and thought she was down for the night. Yeah, not so much. She was asleep for about 3 hours. Eleven thirty came along and she was up and crying. That lasted until about six this morning. Alyssa was not a happy camper. Not that anyone else in the house got any sleep either. You see if Alyssa can't sleep, no one gets to sleep. I guess it was part my fault. I would have gotten up and taken Kahlen for Alyssa, but I had to be at work at seven thirty, she didn't have to work until five pm. I think she got a nap in though. So, hopefully tonight will be better. We all need sleep.

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